Strategic Plan

One of the most critical responsibilities of the AWMAC Board of Directors is to provide general guidance and direction for AWMAC. With the assistance of the Executive Director, the Board, in consultation with key stakeholders, establishes AWMAC’s overall direction through the development and approval of a Strategic Plan.

Based on internal and external factors, this plan provides a tentative blueprint for AWMAC’s direction and activities for the next two to five years. It identifies the key areas where the Board wants to focus the organization’s activities and general goals for each area.

Business Plan

The Executive Director develops an annual business plan and budget based on the general blueprint contained in the Strategic Plan. This becomes the focus of work throughout AWMAC over the next twelve-month period. The business plan has more specific objectives than the Strategic Plan, expected results for each goal, the period during which those results will be sought, and criteria for measuring the achievement of those results. The annual business plan and the budget are presented to the Board for review, amendment, and approval.

Planning Cycle

The development and approval of the Strategic Plan take place in two to five-year cycles, with progress monitored each quarter of the fiscal year. The second or third-quarter review begins a performance analysis and produces projections of the expected year-end results. Preliminary planning for the coming year’s operational goals occurs during the third quarter (August/September). It is completed in the fourth quarter (October/November), with any necessary refinements based on actual prior year results concluding in the first quarter of the following year.

View the 2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan


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