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GIS Fees

Your project’s Guarantee and Inspection Service (“GIS”) fee is based on the architectural woodwork contract amount, and the GIS cost is part of the tendered lump sum.

GIS Fee Estimator

GIS fees as of January 1, 2023

1 – CONTRACT VALUE refers to the project’s GIS-specified architectural woodwork value.

2 – GIS FEE refers to the fee AWMAC charges to the manufacturer, who receives the GIS (and 2-year warranty if an AWMAC Manufacturer member) on a project’s GIS-specified woodwork. Prices may be flat or percentage-based.


Your reputation means everything.

With every project you take on, you want to avoid pitfalls like risk exposure and frustrated clients. AWMAC’s GIS ensures a path to success… delivering quality architectural woodwork to a satisfied client. AWMAC’s GIS is a national program that has evolved over the past 18 years and guarantees architectural woodwork meets or exceeds AWMAC’s STANDARDS. An AWMAC inspection isn’t just a stamp of approval. Think of it as the ultimate way to achieve peace of mind with those who matter most: your customers.

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