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GIS stands for Guarantee and Inspection Service.

AWMAC and the regional AWMAC Chapters administer the GIS program on a per-project basis.

Follow these four steps:

  1. Specify the Guarantee and Inspection Service.
  2. Specify the AWMAC grade required. Grades are Custom and Premium. Both grades may occur within a single project. If you do not specify a grade, Custom grade is the default. The Manufacturer will assure that the materials and processes will comply with AWMAC’S STANDARDS.
  3. The Manufacturer will email the project details (project name, general contractor, design professional, tender date, etc.) to the regional AWMAC Chapter. The cost of the GIS will be part of the tendered lump sum, not a separate line item. Once the regional Chapter is notified of the GIS project, tracking begins, inspections and reports are completed, and follow-up on compliance is conducted.
  4. Once the supply and installation of the completed architectural woodwork complies with AWMAC’s Standards, a two-year guarantee on the architectural woodwork will be issued to the AWMAC Manufacturer Member.

The GIS program comes into effect as soon as the tender documents specify the requirements for the Guarantee and Inspection Service.

The GIS is available to both members and non-members; however, only AWMAC members in good standing will receive the guarantee. AWMAC suggests that the design professional asks non-members for a two-year maintenance bond. See Wording for Specifying GIS.

Once specified, the GIS is a three-step process with a physical inspection and written report issued for each step:

  1. Shop Drawing Review – This review is in addition to the usual review by the Architect. The AWMAC Certified Inspector determines whether or not the methods and materials indicated in the shop drawings submitted by the Manufacturer conform to the specified AWMAC’s STANDARDS and may also indicate deviation from architectural drawings and specifications.
  2. Sample Unit Inspection - If specified, a sample unit is inspected for compliance with AWMAC’s STANDARDS in the manufacturing facility or on-site.
  3. Final Site Inspection - Upon project completion, the architectural woodwork is inspected on-site for compliance with AWMAC’s STANDARDS. If it is a large project, more than one inspection may be necessary. In addition, if a design professional is interested, they can contact the Chapter office in advance of tender for a Pre-tender Review. An AWMAC Certified Inspector will review the specifications and architectural drawings to flag any errors, omissions or contradictions confusing tender, manufacturing or installation

Based on the architectural woodwork contract, the inspection cost is borne by the Manufacturer but is part of the project tender.

AWMAC GIS Inspectors must have significant experience and knowledge in building construction, specifically architectural woodwork.

Inspectors must pass AWMAC’s Inspection Certification Exam, achieving a minimum grade of 95%. Upon completion of the exam, the inspector will complete a set of four GIS inspections under the supervision of an AWMAC GIS Inspector.

Once the inspector-in-training has completed four inspections, they will become a certified AWMAC GIS Inspector.

AWMAC, through its Chapter, will issue a two-year Certificate of Guarantee on projects which have passed the final GIS inspection. The final inspection will not be passed until all deficient items have been rectified and the project is brought up to the standards for the grade specified on the project.

Subject to exclusions, if any, outlined in the Guarantee, the AWMAC architectural woodwork manufacturer who signed as the first guarantor shall replace all defective architectural woodwork on the project, provided that the defects in the architectural woodwork are caused wholly as a result of faulty workmanship or defective material supplied by AWMAC’s architectural woodwork manufacturer.

AWMAC will not issue a Certificate of Guarantee unless the supply and installation of the completed architectural woodwork on a project comply with AWMAC’s Standards.

The regional AWMAC Chapter that has performed the inspections becomes the second guarantor.

If the manufacturer cannot, for whatever reason, address these issues, then the AWMAC Chapter office will hire another AWMAC manufacturer member to complete the work. The Chapter office will bear the cost.

AWMAC becomes the third guarantor in the remote chance that the project's supply and installation of architectural woodwork become defective during the two-year guarantee period.


Your reputation means everything.

With every project you take on, you want to avoid pitfalls like risk exposure and frustrated clients. AWMAC’s GIS ensures a path to success… delivering quality architectural woodwork to a satisfied client. AWMAC’s GIS is a national program that has evolved over the past 18 years and guarantees architectural woodwork meets or exceeds AWMAC’s STANDARDS. An AWMAC inspection isn’t just a stamp of approval. Think of it as the ultimate way to achieve peace of mind with those who matter most: your customers.

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