A Message from our President

Build, Educate and Standardize through Teamwork.

The Ontario Chapter has enjoyed a steady growth of membership in the past few years, and we intend to Build on that growth by adding prominent architectural woodwork companies to our team. Growth in membership will ensure our millwork products remain competitive in the marketplace and conform to the industry recognized NAAWS Standard.

With the introduction of NAAWS 4.0, we have the opportunity to Educate the design authority community and architectural woodwork students on the current adopted Standards and our Chapter services such as the Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS), Inspection Service and Expert Opinion Service.

AWMAC National has spearheaded an initiative to Standardize Membership Criteria across all Chapters “to facilitate consistency and clarity in AWMAC’s membership classes and relevant policies and procedures”. All Chapter’s membership applications, policies, procedures and bylaws have been reviewed and incorporated into the new Standardized Membership classes. This initiative now continues by incorporating the Membership Classes, policies and procedures into all the Chapter’s Bylaws, and refine the overall governing model of our Ontario Chapter to facilitate and enhance these standardized Bylaws.

All of the above cannot be successful without Teamwork. The Ontario Chapter is extremely proud of our grass roots heritage. Members working closely in tandem with our Chapter Association Manager, the Board of Directors and AWMAC National will ensure we build on a successful foundation to sustain quality architectural woodwork in the industry.

Carlo Defrancesco, AWMAC Ontario Chapter President

Rich in History

AWMAC Ontario Chapter is a not-for-profit Association of manufacturers and associated companies that have been promoting architectural woodwork manufacturing since the 1956, when several leaders in the industry joined together and created the Architectural Millworkers of Ontario. In 1970 the woodworking association of BC invited the AMO to participate in a National meeting. At that meeting it was determined that a manual on proper fabrication and installation methods for architectural woodwork would be beneficial to all in the industry. From that time on, the AMO was an ardent supporter of the Quality Standards Manual and continued to participate in various capacities with the woodworking association called the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC). The Ontario Chapter joined AWMAC in 1999 and has continued to promote quality architectural woodwork fabrication and installation methods, together with our AWMAC Chapter partners across Canada.

Proud Members

AWMAC Ontario is primarily comprised of industry leading Manufacturer members that fabricate and install architectural woodwork such as Millwork, Stairwork and Rails, Wall and ceiling panels, Doors, Cabinets and Casework, Countertops and Historic Restoration Work, and Associate Members that support the Manufacturers by providing quality goods and services such as Lumber, Sheet Products, Hardware, Adhesives and Manufacturing Machinery.


In 1956 it was recorded that a group of woodworkers came together to form a Millwork Association. The original association in Ontario was named the Architectural Millworkers of Ontario (AMO) and was active as an association in the late fifties early sixties.

Member companies included Syd Thompson with Jones Wood, Welsh Custom Woodwork, Laidlaw Lumber, Rathburn Millwork and Ken Watson with Gardener of Galt.

On November 7th, 1966 the AMO have the first recorded Registration at the Ontario Registrar of the not for profit formed association of Millworkers – Woodworkers and related industries to be known as “ARCHITECTURAL MILLWORKERS OF ONTARIO”.

The British Columbia woodworkers association, Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC), invited various reps from across Canada to attend their meeting on September 25, 1970 in Vancouver, BC. The AMO was represented at that meeting by Doug Wignal of St. Catharines.

In 1972 the first AWMAC Quality Standards Manual was released. The Architectural Millworkers of Ontario worked in conjunction with the national AWMAC association but continued as an independent association. The AMO was an active participant and promoted the standards manual in Ontario.

The offices of the AMO were held at 223 Church Street in Toronto until 1989 when the Toronto Construction Association was contracted to provide administrative services.

In 1990 Werner O. Schmidt (Blier Construction) of Ontario, became the President of AWMAC and held that position until 1991.

In 1994 the Guaranteed Inspection Service Program (GIS) was designed as a tool to monitor architectural woodwork projects from shop drawings through to installation.

Under the leadership of Ken Jackson (Mirmil Products), AMO President in 1999, the Architectural Millworkers of Ontario changed their association name to the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada – Ontario Chapter.

Under the leadership of then National President Vince Parolin (Art Magic Carpentry) , the first national board meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia was held in 2002 with the Atlantic Chapter being established the following year.

In (2015), AWMAC Ontario Chapter President Peter Gallagher of Convoy Custom Interiors hired Laurie Suikki as Association Manager and the Chapter offices were moved to Convoy Custom Interior offices in Vaughan. Ontario.

The Ontario Chapter of AWMAC has continued to grow through the years. In 1999 when AWMAC Ontario was formed there were 48 Members at the time of this recording, there were over 140 Members.


AWMAC’s Ontario Chapter offers 6 membership categories:

  • Manufacturer Member
  • Associate Member
  • Life Member
  • Design Authority Member
  • Allied Member
  • Installer Member

To learn more or to download the membership applications, select from the list below:

Manufacturer Membership

Associate Membership

Design Authority Membership

Allied Membership

Installer Member Application 


Office: Address: 146 Adesso Drive, Suite #1, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 3C3
Phone; 844 ON AWMAC (844-662-9622)

GIS Contact
Laurie Suikki
Phone; 844 ON AWMAC (844-662-9622)