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GIS For Manufacturers

For full details on the role of the Manufacturer in the GIS process, view the GIS Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 5, Architectural Woodwork Manufacturer.

Request a Manufacturer Standards Questionnaire (MSQ)

SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE MSQ. Before applying for the GIS Certificate, Manufacturer Members must have one owner or manager in their company successfully complete the Manufacturer Standards Questionnaire (MSQ).

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Request for Inspection Form

Final Site Inspection Request

Temperature and Humidity Report


Cover page, Listings and Schedules

To pass inspection with the AWMAC Certified Inspector, Manufacturers must ensure the methods and materials indicated in the shop drawings conform to the specified AWMAC STANDARDS.

The Excel folder containing Cover Page, Listing and Schedules summarizes the requirements for shop drawing submittals as per Section 1 of North American Architectural Woodwork Standards 3.1.

The format and layout are an AWMAC Member’s prerogative and can be changed to suit the AWMAC Member’s requirements, which may vary from project to project, although required information must be there.


Separate Contracts for Manufacturing and Installation (Letter to Owner Template)


Your reputation means everything.

With every project you take on, you want to avoid pitfalls like risk exposure and frustrated clients. AWMAC’s GIS ensures a path to success… delivering quality architectural woodwork to a satisfied client. AWMAC’s GIS is a national program that has evolved over the past 18 years and guarantees architectural woodwork meets or exceeds AWMAC’s STANDARDS. An AWMAC inspection isn’t just a stamp of approval. Think of it as the ultimate way to achieve peace of mind with those who matter most: your customers.

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