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AWMAC’s standards Manual


AWMAC and Woodwork Institute in the U.S. have collaborated to bring you the ultimate manual of woodwork standards — the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS).

The NAAWS manual is a FREE digital PDF with interactive elements, usable on any device, anywhere. Also available in hard copy.

Designed for use by design professionals, building owners, contractors, fabricators, installers, assemblers, project managers and site staff, the NAAWS manual sets a comprehensive set of standards. It defines the requirements of material and workmanship for the fabrication and installation of architectural woodwork.

The NAAWS manual is divided into 12 sections that each focus on and outline the minimum acceptable standards for the differing elements of architectural woodwork. Use it to understand (and meet) compliance criteria to ensure that manufacturers/installers perform work of utmost quality.

The NAAWS manual is also available to educational institutions.

What you get:

  • A logical and simple means to comprehensively specify elements of architectural woodwork for use in climate-controlled environments which meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of clients.
  • Compliance criteria to ensure that manufacturers/installers bidding on a project compete on an equal basis and are obligated to perform work of equal quality.
  • Industry information, terminology, and test criteria to properly determine compliance.

NAAWS features:

  • Digital PDF publication with interactive elements for navigation and highlighting relevant standards as you use it.
  • Usable on any platform, any device (and with its relatively small file size, it is usable anywhere).
  • As updated versions of the manual are issued through errata, the digital version is updated online.
  • The digital version of NAAWS is FREE.
  • Also available in hardcopy.
  • Learn more about NAAWS by going to
  • Content Guide – Located within the NAAWS Manual’s introduction, the Content Guide provides interactive page links to help you navigate throughout and within each section.
  • User’s Guide – Shows you how the section layouts work, and helps you understand the formatting for the general rules, compliance and testing elements of the standards.
  • Compliance Requirements – These are marked with green headers indicating the relevant section, broken down into further subsections regarding: General rules, Product rules, Installation rules, Test criteria.
  • Quality Grades – Throughout the Manual, see references to the three Quality Grades: Economy, Custom and Premium. (Grades can be mixed on a project to make sure that the best millwork value is achieved. For example: focusing the Premium quality in the showcase areas; using Economy in the back of house utility areas; and using Custom grade for the majority of the work.)

Download NAAWS

Download the NAAWS manual for FREE! The PDF version has searchable, interactive elements for navigation and highlighting of relevant standards as you use it. As updated versions of NAAWS are issued through errata, the digital version is updated online.



Download the latest errata now!



The NAAWS glossary has colour imagery, as well as detailed explanations for the various terms used throughout the document.


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