Build Trust. Build Profit.

Become a member and position your business as a trusted leader with the industry's best customers.

Membership Categories

AWMAC has differing membership categories across Canada. Contact your regional Chapter for membership categories specific to their Chapter. The following categories are available in all Chapters:

  • Manufacturer Membership
  • Supplier Membership
  • Life Membership

Manufacturer Members

Enhance efficiency. Ensure standards. Build profit.

Those are just some of the motivating factors for those who have become AWMAC Manufacturer Members. All our Manufacturer Members are educated in the industry and have successfully completed AWMAC’s Manufacturer Standards Questionnaire. It gives them the cutting edge they need to succeed.

A Manufacturer Member is a person, partnership or corporation that operates a facility that manufacturers architectural woodwork as defined by AWMAC’s STANDARDS (the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards manual).

Our Manufacturer Members are trusted as industry leaders. That gives them the power to bid on better jobs and build profit.

Supplier Members

Stay current. Be innovative. Build your reputation.

Ask any of our Supplier Members and they’ll tell you how they benefit from AWMAC membership. They not only stay ahead of the curve. They also gain access to manufacturers and manufacturers’ customers.

A Supplier Member is a person, partnership or corporation that provides materials and/or services for the manufacturing of architectural woodwork. Supplier Members are aligned with AWMAC’s quality assurance programs and promote compliance to AWMAC’s STANDARDS.

Our Supplier Members gain recognition as industry leaders in front of the best customers. Supplier Members can also become AWMAC Partners.