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Casework Integrity Testing

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The North American Architectural Woodwork Standards 4.0. (“NAAWS”) was jointly developed by the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (“AWMAC”) and the Woodwork Institute, each a non-profit association. All casework joinery methods listed within NAAWS were tested and confirmed to meet or exceed the NAAWS performance requirements.


This Casework Integrity Testing program provides individuals and entities (“Applicants”) with the opportunity to test alternate casework joinery construction methods (“Joinery”) to the NAAWS’ performance requirements. See Casework Integrity Testing in NAAWS 4.0.

Joinery testing by a third-party company is solely for the purpose of an unbiased party substantiating that the assembly method meets the NAAWS, not for granting proprietary or exclusive rights to the fabrication method for any period of time. If the Applicant’s Joinery methods are protected by copyright, trademark, patents, etc., this information must be submitted with the Application.

As one of the purposes of AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute is to develop and promote the use of quality standards for the manufacturing and installation of architectural woodwork, new Joinery methods that are approved to meet the NAAWS by AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute will be added to the NAAWS. This may be through errata or the next edition of the NAAWS, whichever is earliest.

Program Overview

 Joinery that is not listed in the NAAWS may be identified as compliant with the NAAWS if all requirements have been met, such as:

  • The Joinery test samples are constructed per the minimum NAAWS 4.0 Casework Integrity Testing requirements.
  • AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute approve the Casework Integrity Testing Application (“Application”).
  • The Joinery is independently tested by the accredited facility approved within the Application. The testing facility may be located in Canada or the U.S.
  • The Joinery meets or exceeds the performance requirements listed in NAAWS by the testing facility, AWMAC, and the Woodwork Institute.

The Applicant is responsible for all communication, documentation, test samples, scheduling, costs, etc., associated with their testing.

Application Process

  1. The Application must be submitted BEFORE any testing is conducted.
  2. The Applicant will contact its choice of testing facility to arrange for testing. AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute must approve the facility as part of the Application approval process.
  3. The Application must include engineered drawings and specifications and a material list that contains the exact materials used, type, and size of dowels, screws, etc. Photos of the materials should be submitted if available.
  4. Applications must be emailed to AWMAC (if in Canada) or the Woodwork Institute (if in the U.S.).
  5. Once submitted, AWMAC or the Woodwork Insitute will confirm receipt of the Application and advise if additional information is required.
  6. The Application will be reviewed within 45 days of receipt. Should the Applicant fail to respond to correspondence or provide any required information within 45 days, the Application will be terminated.
  7. If all items within the Application are deemed acceptable, the Application is approved, and the Applicant may proceed with the testing. If one or more items are considered unsatisfactory, the Application will be denied, and the Applicant will be provided with the rationale and asked to amend and resubmit their Application.

Testing Process

  1. The Applicant will submit their Joinery to be tested at the testing facility after AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute approval.
  2. Once testing is complete, the Applicant will email the testing results and supporting documentation for review by AWMAC and the Woodwork Institute. In Canada, email Outside of Canada, email
  3. Once reviewed, the Applicant will receive an email with the results. E.g. the Joinery meets or exceeds (Approved) or does not meet or exceed (Not Approved) the NAAWS.
  4. If not approved, the Applicant will receive a list of Joinery deficiencies and have 60 days to correct the deficiencies and submit new test results or appeal.



In Canada, email

Outside Canada, email