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Coming May 31, 2021 — All-new NAAWS 4.0!

A completely revised, new edition of the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards — the Proven Standard you already know and trust — is in development by the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute (WI).

New to the NAAWS 4.0 edition:    

  • An even easier-to-use format
  • A unified installation guide
  • Expanded material uses
  • Additional assembly methods
  • Casework integrity testing!

Features returning from previous editions:

  • Comprehensive standards in a single manual
  • Familiar format
  • Fully interactive digital edition
  • Collaborative development
NAAWS 4.0 will be available as a FREE digital download at beginning May 31, 2021, with an effective date of September 1, 2021. To be sure to receive the latest information on the upcoming NAAWS 4.0 release,  NAAWS on LinkedIn.

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Survey Results

The Results are In!

Click Here to Download Survey Results-English  

Click Here to Download Survey Results-French  

We are pleased to share with you the survey results of our Fall 2020 COVID-19 Survey. We received a total of 93 responses across all regional Chapters.

We would like to thank all of those who participated in the survey. We have read your feedback and truly value the comments you have provided.

Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions play a significant role in identifying opportunities to improve and grow AWMAC and better support you as an AWMAC member.

If you have additional comments that you would like to share, please contact us at

COVID-19 Member Survey – Fall 2020

For AWMAC Members Only:

This second COVID-19 Member Survey was developed to gain a better insight into the impacts of COVID-19 in the woodworking industry. Your feedback will inform AWMAC activities and help us to better understand the needs of members. A summary of the results will be shared with the membership.

Personal information, including name and business, will remain confidential.

Kindly respond by Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

English Survey 
French Survey 

Join us for the 2021 AWMAC National Convention!

Join us for the 2021 AWMAC National Convention! June 3 – 6, 2021 | Toronto, Ontario!

Have you ever wanted to have your picture taken with the Stanley Cup or be able to wander the Hallowed Halls of one of the greatest Monuments in the world dedicated to Hockey?

Then be sure to save the date for our 2021 AWMAC National Convention, which will be taking place in Toronto, Ontario from June 3 to 6, 2021.

We will have exclusive use of the Hockey Hall of Fame for an entire evening, so make sure to bring your favourite team jersey with you! We will also have a Shootout contest, where the winner will have bragging rights, so be sure to work on your shot this coming fall and winter.

You don’t want to miss this one!


Cabinetmaker Online Survey Invitation

You are invited to participate in a review of the draft of the new Red Seal Occupational Standard (RSOS) for the Cabinetmaker trade for Canada.

A draft of the standard was developed at a national virtual workshop attended by trade experts and apprenticeship instructors from across Canada.  After this online survey is completed, provincial and territorial industry and apprenticeship committees will also review and validate this standard. In preparation for this step, we would like to give individuals who would like to participate the opportunity to do so.

For this trade, the standard is divided into Major Work Activities, which are broken down into Tasks, which are further broken down into distinct Sub-Tasks.

Deadline: August 31, 2020. 

The survey is completely voluntary and is anonymous, though if you possess a Red Seal, the first digits of your Red Seal number will be requested (these do not identify any individual).

All comments will be forwarded to your province/territory’s apprenticeship authority to review with their committees for consideration.

To complete the survey, please click on the following link.

Cabinetmaker RSOS Validation Survey
You can start the survey and resume at a later time, as long as you work from the same device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) every time.

Thank you for participating in the survey.

Best Practices for GIS Inspections during COVID-19

On April 6, 2020, best practices for GIS inspections during COVID-19 was approved by the Board of Directors.

The recommendations are intended to help Inspectors, AWMAC members, General Contractors and Owners stay safe while continuing to work towards project completion.

At no time will an inspection take precedent over the health and safety of any person. The Inspector has the right to refuse an inspection based on health and safety concerns. All inspections must comply with local municipal and provincial regulations.

To view the best practices, please click here.

National Contest for Apprentices and Students in Cabinetmaking

Each year, participating AWMAC Chapters hold a contest for apprentices, students and recent graduates that are enrolled or have recently graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution’s cabinetmaking program.

The first-place winner in each Chapter is then judged at the national level to determine the top three national winners. These winners are announced at AWMAC’s National Convention.

Although the 2020 National Contest for Apprentices and Students in Cabinetmaking is cancelled due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to take a moment and recognize the contest winners from the past three years.

Please contact your regional Chapter for more information on your Chapter’s plans for their 2021 contest.

To see last previous year’s winners, please click on this link!

AWMAC COVID-19 Survey Results

We are pleased to share with you the survey results from our COVID-19 survey. Please visit this link to view the full survey results.

We received a total of 39 responses across all regional Chapters. We would like to thank all of those who participated in the survey.

Summary of Responses

Question: How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted you?

There is a consensus that there is a significant slowdown in work projects. Some respondents noted that although open, they have had to suspend projects as well as temporarily lay off some staff. Many staff are working from home, and some employees are choosing not to work out of concern for their health.

It was noted that due to self-isolation and the closures of schools, the workforce has been reduced for some businesses. Some respondents noted that this has also impacted mental health.

Contracts are down overall, and it was noted that some installers were driving themselves to worksites.

Respondents noted that they are maintaining physical distancing rules and using gloves and masks as required.

Question: What resources do you need to support your business?The majority of respondents said that government financial assistance is welcome at both the provincial and federal level to support lost wages for employees, and help offset lost revenue. Also welcome would be:
-A list of current government information regarding subsidies and deferred payments.
-Financial information related to the woodworking industry and businesses.
-Information to help keep installers as safe as possible on job sites.

Question: What resources do you need to support your safety, health and wellbeing?
Most respondents said that they require extra respirators, gloves, and other safety equipment so that a safe work environment can be maintained.

Another item requested by the majority of respondents is access to cleaning supplies, including sanitizers, disinfectants and PPE. Also, information on where to obtain these items in bulk form would be welcome.

British Columbia
25.64% 10 – Responses

Southern Alberta
15.38% 6 – Responses

Northern Alberta
15.38% 6 – Responses

5.13% 2 – Responses

7.69% 3 – Responses

17.95% – 7 Responses

5.13% – 2 Responses

7.69% – 3 Responses

TOTAL 39 Responses

Manufacturer – 58.97% – 23 Responses

Associate (Supplier) – 33.33% – 13 Responses

TOTAL 39 Responses

Our business location is open.
48.72% – 19 Responses

Our business location is open for appointments only.
28.21% – 11 Responses

Our business location is temporarily closed except for essential personnel. All others are working from home.
17.95% – 7 – Responses

Our business location is temporarily closed. All personnel are working from home.
5.13% – 2 – Responses

Our business location is temporarily closed and no personnel is working.
0.00% – 0 – Responses

TOTAL 39 Responses


2020 AGM Postponed

As you are likely aware, the 2020 AWMAC National Convention scheduled for June 2020 has been cancelled. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was to be incorporated into this event, and subsequently, we planned to hold the AGM virtually on the same date.

However, we have come to understand that the current bylaws do not permit us to hold an AGM by electronic means at this time. To address this issue, we have applied to Corporations Canada for an extension to hold the AGM at a later date.

As we await details on their decision, we are preparing 2019 reporting information that we will share with you if we are unable to hold our AGM within the next few months.

We thank you for your patience as we work through this process and hope to share information with you very soon.