Wording for Specifying GIS

Wording for Specifying GIS

Architectural woodwork shall be manufactured and/or installed to AWMAC’s architectural woodwork standards in effect at time of tender and shall be subject to an inspection at the manufacturing facility and/or site by an appointed AWMAC Certified Inspector.  Inspection costs shall be included in the tender price for this project.

Shop drawings shall be submitted to the AWMAC Chapter office for review before work commences.  Work that does not meet AWMAC’s architectural woodwork standards, as specified, shall be replaced, reworked and/or refinished by the architectural woodwork contractor, to AWMAC’s approval, at no additional cost to the owner.

If the architectural woodwork contractor is an AWMAC MSQ Qualified Manufacturer Member in good standing, a two (2) year AWMAC Guarantee Certificate will be issued.  The AWMAC Guarantee shall cover replacing, reworking and/or refinishing defective architectural woodwork due to faulty workmanship or defective materials supplied and/or installed by the architectural woodwork contractor that may appear during the two (2) year period following the date of certificate issuance.

If the architectural woodwork contractor is not an AWMAC MSQ Qualified Manufacturer Member, they shall provide the owner with a two (2) year maintenance bond in lieu of the AWMAC Guarantee Certificate to the full value of the architectural woodwork contract.

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