The Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada and Woodwork Institute have collaborated to bring you a progressive new manual of woodwork standards — NAAWS 3.1

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NAAWS 3.1 is a new comprehensive and forward-focused standards manual that builds on, and replaces Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS). It includes upgraded and enhanced standards for:

• Reclaimed and non-traditional materials
• Laboratory casework
• Seismic casework installation
• Cabinet hardware
• Antimicrobial surfaces

NAAWS 3.1 also provides improved, easier-to-use formatting, colorized visual aids and many interactive features — including a link to an extensive web-based Design Resources portal to inspire thought and design creativity.

Best of all, NAAWS 3.1 is free in digital format. 

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Changes between NAAWS 3.1 and AWS, 2nd Edition

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