AWMAC, through its Chapters, will issue a two (2) year Certificate of Guarantee for their manufacturer members on projects that have passed the final GIS inspection if they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. membership is in good standing;
  2. at least one person in the firm has successfully completed the Manufacturer Standards Questionnaire (MSQ); and
  3. Temperature and Humidity report has been submitted, including readings that they and their installer(s) have taken each day, starting on the day the architectural woodwork leaves the facility and each day that the architectural woodwork employees and installers are on site.

If the architectural woodwork is stored in a place other than on site, temperature and humidity is to be recorded daily.

Manufacturer Standards Questionnaire (MSQ)

Prior to applying for the AWMAC guarantee for a job tendered after July 1, 2017, ONE OWNER OR MANAGER IN YOUR COMPANY WILL NEED TO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE MSQ

The MSQ is available for electronic distribution.  To request an MSQ, please click HERE .

Shop Drawing Submittals

This excel folder containing Cover Page, Listing and Schedules summarizes the requirements for shop drawing submittals as per Section 1 of North American Architectural Woodwork Standards 3.1, which example may be subject to change.

The format and layout are a Member's prerogative and can be changed to suit the Member's requirements, which may vary from project to project, although required information must be there.  

GIS Forms

Request for Inspection (fillable PDF)
Temperature and Humidity Report
Final Site Inspection Request (fillable PDF)



 GIS Policy and Procedure Improvement Form