Architectural Woodwork Standards Manual (Edition 2)


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The recently released 2nd edition of Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) is one of the most helpful resource tools you will ever use, (available in print or digital download in French or English).

AWS manual

 It's a "must have" for every architect, design professional, specification writer and contractor who designs with wood in any size, shape or form.  And it’s the standard against which an architectural woodwork manufacturer’s product is measured to get AWMAC’s 2-year Certificate of Guarantee.

Architectural Woodwork Standards  manuals are distributed by AWMAC’s Chapters.  Contact the Chapter in your region to enquire about a copy.

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Architectural Woodwork Standards  provides architects, design professionals, specification writers and general contractors with a logical simple means to comprehensively specify elements of architectural woodwork, and also provides criteria to ensure that all woodwork manufacturers and installers bidding on a project compete on an equal basis and perform work of equal quality. It’s the definitive reference manual designed to simplify and clarify guidelines, information and principles required for fabrication, finishing and installation of architectural woodwork.

Any AWS errors and their corrections will be updated on the AWS Errata webpage on an as needed basis. All users of the AWS are encouraged to check Errata prior to beginning the specification of any new project.

For the AWS Errata Webpage for the 1st Edition AWS Manual click here.

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The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and Woodwork Institute (WI) worked together to create this joint single standard for the specification of qualities, methods and workmanship to produce and install architectural woodwork.

The first edition of Architectural Woodwork Standards  was adopted and published jointly in 2009 as the successor to and replacement of AWI/AWMAC's Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) and WI's Manual of Millwork (MM).  The second edition was adopted and published jointly in 2014, with an effective date of October 2014.

AWMAC’s Quebec Chapter was responsible for translating the second edition of Architectural Woodwork Standards  in the French language.  Distribution of Normes de menuiserie architecturale  is AWMAC’s responsibility.

Funding for the French translation of Architectural Woodwork Standards  was provided by:

  • Quebec Government, Ministry of Finances, through its ACCORD program of clusters;
  • AWMAC;
  • Canada Economic Development;
  • Sectoral Labor Committee; and
  • Victoriaville National School of Furniture and Woodwork.

Our gratitude also goes to the Translation Team, Éric Allard, Reynald Binette and Nathalie Carrier, from EQMBO-Enterprises.